Making Smart Developers Great

So, you are a smart software developer. Lead. Architect. Being smart isn’t all there’s to it – how do you become great – in both contribution and compensation?

1/ Nail the basics: Can’t stress this too much. If you write code, your code should be.. awesome. Clean. Unit tested. Well designed. And yes, your boss does look. So do your peers.

2/ Own the room. You should be able to lead a meeting, especially if the other developers in the meetings are somewhat more junior. And whether you are a manager or not, you should -want- to lead, at least as far as design goes.

3/ Be a force multiplier. Your co-workers should be better-performing because you are there.

4/ Be Rosh Gadol

Legacy Code Defined

“Legacy code” is a term often used derogatorily to characterize code that is written in a language or style that (1) the speaker/writer consider outdated and/or (2) is competing with something sold/promoted by the speaker/writer. “Legacy code” often differs from its suggested alternative by actually working and scaling.

— Bjarne Stroustrup, the inventor of the C++ Programming Language